Monday, September 25, 2017
How to active jio sim

How to active jio sim


How to activate Jio Sim Card Step by Step Method, 110% Working Process, 15 Mins Activation Method Added

So you here to activate jio sim card well let me write for the people who don’t have a jio sim too. Reliance and Reliance Geo is a brand of Mukesh Ambani and family. Reliance user companies if it wasn’t started in 2016 but in 2007 it was also known for RJIL. 

How to get a jio Sim ?

you don’t have a SIM follow this article to get one using for your Android iOS Windows device. And if you don’t know how to set up jio sim in your Windows device you can read this part of thr article and follow the steps to activate jio SIM for your windows device.

See the actual process to activate Jio sim ?

  1. Open your with jio sim card Pack
  2. Choose sim card size as per your device requirementand insert it
  3. once network appears, Now call 1977
  4. They will ask your jio mobile number, just press them
  5. They will ask you the last four digits of your Aadhaar Card number, Present last four digits
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that’s all your jio sim is activated in next 30 minutes!

If you have a Windows mobile or Windows Lumia device then follow this article to activate jio sim in your Windows device you have to set up a simple APN. which is mentioned in the bottom of the article.

How to activate jio sim for windows devices ?

Activate the Jio sim by the following steps, if don’t have have a jio sim then follow this article to get one.

Now,Let’s see the exact steps to activate jio SIM in Windows device and also Lumia devices

Requirements to activate your jio sim in windows devices

number 1.  Android or iOS device

number 2. jio Sim [ Get the coupon code to get a jio sim from here ]

number 3. simple knowledge of using mobile phone  and your patience

Now let’s see the actual step to activate GSM in Windows devices

insert the GSM in Android and IOS device

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call 1977 and verify the news your mobile number

Enter the the last four digits of your Aadhaar Card number when they ask

Congrats, Now your sim will be activated in next 30 minutes. Just wait for the conformation message and then continue.

Steps to to get internet and calling in windows device

You have to Setup an APN in your Windows device, Basically, that will allow you to use the Internet on Windows devices and it also gives support to make calls with your Windows device.

  • take your Windows device and open phone settings
  • now click on network settings
  • set your network mode in 40 hour highest connection speed
  • now create an APN.  access point name to activate the Internet
  • Name: jionet   and  APN: jionet
  • Save the APN with you have created and activate it.

Contgrats again, you are done with that start with your eyes and you’ll see network in your device now you’ll be able to use jio Internet on your Windows device  Windows Lumia devices.

Reliance jio e KYC activation process to activate jio sim | How to activate jio SIM with E-KYC method

This method is not available for all the cities as it is only available for few Metropolitan cities and not for villages and towns. The cities which are selected are Delhi Bangalore and Mumbai.  e-KYC activation process doesn’t Take more than 15 minutes to activate the jio SIM.

  • Visit the nearest Reliance digital or Reliance store
  • Take your Aadhar card number along with you
  • They will scan your fingerprint, hence the aadhar card holder should be you or with you.
  • They will scan your fingerprint, once it is successful, you are ready to go.
  • All the process happens electronically as a text very less time may be 15 minutes to activate your sim.


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