How to get network for Jio sim.

Getting network in new jio sim it has been a big problem in the small cities and villages they are not getting network or few are telling that they are getting network but not able to get speed Internet. Now if you health issue with the Internet then read this article to improve your Internet speed.

let’s see how the jio network issue is occuring and how can we solve them and get jio sim network signal.

Let me mntion you if you don’t have a SIM then you can access one from here and don’t worry even if you have a Windows device you can see the trick to use your jio sim in Windows device Windows Lumia devices.

So let’s start with how to get network signal for jio sim card.


  • if you have the same and it is not activated then dial 1977 and activate your jio Sim.
  • select language and verify your number.
  • enter your last 4 digits of your Aadhaar card number when it is
  • Note:  if your jio sim  response that “your number is not yet  ready for televerification”  then proceed after getting confirmation message.

if you are not getting confirmation message from jio, do not worry because at this time it is taking so much time to get your  jio sim application submitted.  if it has taken more than 7 days then talk to you nearest Reliance retailer call to the customer care = 180088 99999.

To call the customer care we should have patience still 20 minutes to 40 minutes because there is will be a long number of queue of customers  Uber complaining for the jio sim card.  so have patience and wait for the response.

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After getting confirmation message,  insert the jio SIM card in the device by which you have generated the barcode and follow these steps.

  1. call 1977 verify using mobile number
  2. enter the last four digits of your Aadhaar card number when asked

I personally have faced more than 13 days to get the jio sim network issue,  so don’t worry and follow the steps. jio network issue is a very common problem among the users work issue is a very common problem among the users.

Reasons to not get Reliance jio Sim or no signal problem in any mobile


  • Your device is not 4G  supported or 4G enabled
  • Your device doesn’t have this network spectrum bands, 800 MHz,1800 MHz and 2300 MHz
  • your devices for general but only one sim works in 4G mode but another doesn’t.
  • Device is not in 4G LTE mode (Settings > Mobile Networks > Preferred network type 4G LTE)
  • Your sim card is not in slot 1

Now apply these solutions to solve your jio sim issue.

Reliance Jio Sim No Network Signal Problem Solution: Restart Your Device

This may happen because of you seem having a lot of process running in background your device has the stuck up and cannot handle the network.  the most common with you use of have to use this network issue of SIM activation issue  and has been solved by restarting the device.


Method 2:  Reliance GSM no network signal problem solution:  place the GSM and correct slot

this also have been the common mistake by that you used that their placing the SIM card in sim slot 2 but you don’t have to.  please this sim card in sim slot 1 start the device once you get the network . see the steps to verify your number your Aadhaar Card number for jio sim.

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Jio SIM card no service

this problem you have not placed your sim card in sim slot 1 you are using application is not yet submitted.  if all the process your following and still you are getting that no service  then wait for sometime the max 7 days  an activity with you soon after getting them confirmation message on you alternate number.

Jio no signal

this is a single problem has ever One you might not have placed  new SIM card in the select one or more network setting is not correctly check that your network is infosy mode lsu Windows device then  see the steps.

Your sim card is not in slot 1

If your problem is not among the ever one then try to restart the device  and check,  still if it is not then remove the SIM card for half an hour  insert the sim sim slot 1 and then check it.

Jio sim not registered on the network

Solution of the problem is your patience.  you have to wait for sometime until you get the acknowledgement that your jio sim application submission.  once you get the message effect knowledgement then insert the  GSM in your device call 1977  to activate your jioo Sim.

How to get Reliance jio Sim signal in Android automatically?

  • Dial this number *#*#4636#*#*
  • click on phone info
  • click on Run ping test
  • Radio option will be visible on your screen just make sure that is on
  • One devices supported us area network in your device
  • It will ask to restart the device, after restrt you should get the Jio signal.

How to set the network manually to ge Jio sim network signal in android device ?

  • First Go to Settings
  • Tap on More Networks
  • Then Click on Mobile Networks
  • If you holds a dual SIM phone,just make sure your Network mode SIM is on ‘WCDMA‘ which is common for the both 3G and 4G
  • If above steps doesn’t work,then visit Network Operators>Search Network>Follow the steps asked>Select preferred network.

How to get Reliance jio signal in apple iPhone ?

As Polymers every iPhone user in India have taken jio sim, A few of them have not if you have not taking you can take it by following these steps.

  • Settings
  • click on cellular option
  • and ensure your cellular data is on

still, if you don’t see network in your iPhone for jio Sim then restart your network settings.


Things to remember while you are not getting jio network signal in your iPhone device

  1. U mobile must be in LTE network mode, you can do it by  Settings>Mobile networks>preferred Network Type>Switch it on to 4G
  2. GO to Settings>Accessibility>JioSecurity Service>Turn On. Increase volume in what is your security then go to the my jio app and download Jio security.

Points to remember if you are not getting jio sim signal in your device

  • Your device doesn’t support 4G or VoLTE.
  • Make sure that your sim 1 supports 4G voLTE.
  • Do not try to change your dual sim card from one device to another.
  • You are at a place where Reliance network is available.

iPhone and all the steps it still not getting network for your Reliance jio sim audio problem no network no signal is not solved by all driver solution then comment below with your problem.