Reliance is the brand belongs to Ambani and family. No doubt there were many products which made customers hate Reliance, launched which became one of the most competitive product in the market. Yes, That’s Jio. Jio dominated most of the telecom market in India.

Earlier, They introduced the Jio preview offer with only LYF handset which started from Rs 5000. At present jio is offering Jio sim preview offer or Welcome offer for free to all the 4G handset users.  Now, There are a list of good smartphones which are available in the market for cheap price. Every LYF handset comes with a JIO preview offer. If you don’t have a LYF mobile them also you can get a jio sim by generating a bar code.


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As, Reliance jio made a condition is to provide Jio sim to 4G users only but then even 3G users are not in a small count and cannot be left alone. No worry, If you have a 3G device you can use this trick and use Jio on 3G device to. And also you if, you are a windows user then use this trick to use jio sim in windows or Lumia devices.

How to Use Reliance Jio 4G Sim in 3G Phone

Before, Applying the trick, be sure you have an activated jio sim. If you don’t have a jio sim then get the jio sim. See the trick to get jio sim for any device, If you face any issue in activating then don’t forget to comment below, our team will try best to give the solution.

Apply this Trick to use to get MediaTek processor only

Check your android version before starting, if that didn’t work try restarting your mobile 1-2 times by clearing cache. Incase if you have any doubts comment below, I will help you out.

Checking Device for Mediatek or Qualcomn Processor:

  1.  Download and install CPU Z app from Playstore: Click Here
  2. Open this app, Wait untill CPU-z retrieves your device information.
  3. In few seconds device information will appear on the screen.
  4. If your device is using Mediatek Chipset then it will reflect with the Logo of Mediatek Chipset on the screen.

TIP: Be sure your Jio sim is activated, Now proceed!

Now PROCEED, By downloading


  • First Download & Install MTK Engineering Mode app in your 3G mobile device.
  • This Application will allows you to run an overwritten network setup from the Engineering Mode Menu of MTK phones.


  • NOTE : This app may harm your device if used incorrectly, But no worry if you have simple knowledge of android settings.
  • No open the app, or dial your mobile device specific code for Engineering Mode. See device specific code list.
  • Click on MTK Settings and Select Preferred Network Option.
  • Now, Select 4G LTE/WCDMA/GSM as network mode and you can save it and turn it off and on your mobile device
  • Now, Done with all . Restart your device.
  • Insert your Reliance Jio 4G sim in 1st Slot and keep the 2nd Slot empty for some time.
  • Now, switch on the device you will see, Jio netwprk. 😀 Let me know if you get any issue while following the steps.


How To Use Reliance Jio 4g Sim in 3G Phone working Trick For Redmi 1S Users Method 2

Redmi 1s users, Here will be the 110% working trick with the proof. Note, This trick is only for redmi 1s Users, So no other device would be suggested to use this trick. In case you have different device follow this trick.

How to use Jio in any 3G phone ? Method 2

Well, Don’t get confused because we have given 3 methods to used Jio sim on 3G devices. All the steps vary of different devices. SO follow the method which suits with your device. Now, let’s see “How to use Jio in any 3G phone”

  • Download xorware 2G 3G 4G switcher
  • Select Network Mode to 4G LTE.
  • Simply click on Apply and make your changes.
  • Now restart your device
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After restarting your device insert Reliance Jio 4G Sim in 3G Phone in sim slot 1 and Switch ON your device. Congrats, You will be able to use Jio sim in 3G device.



Trick to use Jio sim on Qualcomm Chipset 3G Devices : Method 3

Before starting this process Be sure,that you device have Qualcomm Chipset device. If not try to follow the Method 2.

  • Download and install Shortcut master (Lite)    Download Shortcut Master (Lite) App From Here 
  • Now, Open Shortcut master and Click on Menu [ Three Dots on top right side]
  • Now Go To Menu then Search for “Service Menu” Or  “Engineering Mode
  • Then Select “System App” Option For Deep Search. If Found then open it and access to change LTE Bands If that doesn’t work,
  • Once You Got the Engineering Mode , Open It and Select Change LTE Bands.
  • If the above Doesn’t Work Then
  • Dial *#2263# then Select Menu And Click Back Again Then Select Menu.
  • Then Go To Key Input And Enter “0000” without quotes, Then Wait For Couple Of Seconds ,after that You Will Get Popup.
  • Select UE Settings From that Popup, after that Select setting>protocol>NAS>Network Control>Band Selection>LTE Band> The Select “Band 40”.
  • Congrats, You are done with it, Time to test.
  •  Insert Jio Sim & Check Whether You Are Getting Signals Or Not.
  • Restart the Device, before restarting Place the jio sim in First Sim Slot! YOLO done!


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