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How To Use Reliance Jio SIM In Windows Phone

Now, There was a big question “How to get a jio sim for windows phones ?”. But, It is no more a problem. It is a bit tricky, trick is discussed below

You have to get a jio sim first to insert in your Windows device. here you need help of iPhone or Android device to generate a coupon code.  I hope you understood, what i mean. In other words, Download MyJio app on android or iPhone and generate your bar code.

Requirements to get Jio sim for windows devices

  • Android or IOS devices
  • Old version of  MyJio app, you can download from here DownloadJioOld.apk 

Now follow these steps to get Jio sim for windows phones

  1. Generate Jio Welcome offer Code using any Android or iOS device.
  2. Find Jio Store or Reliance Digital Store nearby.
  3. Activate Jio SIM by calling 1977, they’ll ask you to enter last 4 digits of your aadhar card.
  4. After activation you can use that jio sim any other device supporting 4G or 4G VoLTE
  5.  Insert Jio SIM in your Windows Lumia phone and follow few more steps to fix the APN setting to use Jio SIM on any Windows Phone.

How to setup APN in windows phone to use Jio sim features in wondows device

  1. Start with windows device and Go to phone settings
  2. Open Network Settings
  3. Set Network mode as 4G [or] Highest Connection Speed.
  4. Now create an APN(Access Point Name) to activate Jio internet.
    Name: jionet
    APN: jionet
  5. Save the APN and activate.
  6. hooh, restart your device and you are ready to use Jio on your windows device.
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How to use Jio 4G Voice on Windows Phone

sadly, you can not use JioJion or Jio 4G Voice app on windows phone. This is just because Jio have not released MyJio app for windows.You can use your dialer and make call if your phone have volteLTE support.

FAQ on JIO Jio for windows devices

  • Jio Welcome Offer for Windows phone validity.
    Jio welcome offer is valid until 31st December for all 4G device. So, you will be able to use welcome offer till December 31st.
  • Is MyJio app is available for Windows Phone.
    Noah, It’s not available.
  • How can i make unlimited Jio voice calls using using windows phone?
    If your device have VoLTE , you should able to make call through your dialer.
  • Does Jio officially support windows phone?
    Jio App is only available foe windows and IOS devices hence, it is unofficial for windows phone but Jio SIM works on any 4G device. You will not be able to track your Voice and Data usage. You should any 3rd party app to calculate data usage.
 Still if you face any issue at any point of time feel free to comment below with description, What problem you are facing . For the time Say Byee !
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